Andrea Mustain is a journalist, producer, editor, and content strategist. She is currently the science editor for PRX (the Public Radio Exchange), a content strategist at a Fortune 100 technology company, and a freelance writer. Her work covers a range of topics, but focuses heavily on science, research, and business, with a strong emphasis on audio storytelling.

She has worked as a staff reporter for OurAmazingPlanet (now part of LiveScience), where her work focused on earthquakes and geoscience, microbiology, Antarctica, hurricanes and atmospheric sciencedeep-sea research, and new species discovery, among a host of other topics.

She has also worked for WNYC’s The Takeaway, taught courses on writing, reporting, and editing for radio at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, and covered high-energy particle physics at Fermilab.

Her work has appeared in Scientific American, The Huffington Post, The Christian Science Monitor, Yahoo! News, NBCNews, Symmetry magazine, in a variety of business school publications, and on the public radio program Marketplace.

She also works as an independent producer, and has helped steer large-scale projects for clients ranging from Walmart to Microsoft to Verizon.

She spent many years working in the performing arts and film, both behind the scenes as a stagehand for Blue Man Group and as an actor, but, in search of a far more lucrative and dependable career, chose journalism.

A native of Central Illinois, she spent a lot of time pollinating soybeans and corn in her youth. She holds degrees in theater and Russian language and literature from Northwestern University, and received her M.S. from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

She feels a little weird writing about herself in third-person, but finds that slightly less horrifying than writing all this in first-person, since that would go against all her Midwestern sensibilities.